3 Korean Makeup Singapore Tips For Achieving Cuteness

3 Korean Makeup Singapore Tips For Achieving Cuteness 1

Korean pop culture has taken the Korean makeup Singapore scene by storm; infatuating all of us seems impossible to achieve cute looks. Yet, with a little know-how and effort, these looks are very much within our grasp. Here are three tips to achieve Korean makeup appearances.


Glitter Eyes Are Here To Stay, And Mascara Is The New Lining


Glittery eyes were in vogue in 2019, and it feels like matte eye shadow will run out of the picture for another year.

Etude House explains that adding shine to your eyelids aids in drawing light to the eyes and quickly makes them glimmer– flawlessly following the K-beauty trend of luminosity and glow.

If you are preparing to stock up on your eyeliners, you could intend to utilize that money to invest in excellent mascaras or eyelash extensions instead because Korean females will be using less eyeliner (or even none of it!); instead, they will be using mascara that can aid their eyes to pop.

The Lipstick Pattern Korean Girls Are Zealous For

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Pros in the cute art, many Korean women have been pulling off the gradient or just-sucked-on-a-cherry-lollipop lip for a long time. It resembles a soft blossom of color from the middle of the mouth, which aids in emphasizing the eyes as a bonus. The result is a coquettishly innocent and remarkably flattering look. Korean Instagram is swarming with lips-slightly-parted testimonies to the awesome mix of a gradient pout combined with doe-y eyes.

There are several methods to gradient-ing your lips, yet essentially you’ll require two shades– concealer/nude lipstick and color (pink, orange, cherry … whatever your best shade is). Using concealer or naked lipstick, naked out the external edge of your lips. Assume ’90s lipliner fad yet with concealer or nude lipstick.

Then, swab a few areas of paint on the center of the lips using a lip color or lipstick. After that, blend out, making use of fingers or a brush.

Exfoliate your lips for a great gradient base

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..Is it needed to exfoliate your lips? The answer is likely yes unless you are honored with naturally moisturized lips that never get flaky. Gradient lips are intended to exhibit a sense of “juiciness,” so having smooth and soft lips can help accentuate this look. Do not stress; however, you do not need to exfoliate them daily. Two times a week is the optimal regularity typically advised.

Exfoliating your lips will help remove the dead skin cells and make your lips smoother and softer for better lipstick administration. Some lip exfoliators have other valuable characteristics, such as vitamins and antioxidants.

If you are a DIY person, choose an all-natural lip scrub that can be conveniently made with sugar and coconut oil.

When exfoliating your lips, massage the lip exfoliator carefully on your lips in a round motion for around 15 secs. Constantly remember to do it gently to stop exceedingly damaging the skin on your lips, which can bring about lip bleeding and scabs.

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