But Where are the Lederhosen? Mike Cernovich Models Male Fashion

But Where are the Lederhosen? Mike Cernovich Models Male Fashion 1

No one asked for style recommendation from Mike Cernovich, the prominent a ways-proper internet troll. But alternatively, nobody asked for Cernovich to push Pizzagate, write that “date rape does now not exist,” or spread misinformation about Hillary Clinton’s fitness.But Where are the Lederhosen? Mike Cernovich Models Male Fashion 2
So right here we are. The forty one-yr-vintage former attorneys and YouTube personality posted a sartorial manifesto on Tuesday inside the form of a 25-tweet-long thread.
“I will start posting clothes for men to put on,” Cernovich began. Those with any self-preservation capabilities might have clicked faraway from the tweet so fast they risked bruising a finger; the rest people scrolled on to see pictures from ghosts of “Cernos” past.

“I will post a few links of Cerno throughout the years,” he wrote. “Each served a purpose at a particular time. Remember a Women note [sic] footwear straight away.”
Cerno attached a picture of himself at what appeared to be a celebration, retaining a drink and sporting aviators, a bland grey cardigan, and dark wash denim.

The chick magnet footwear he became relating to was a general-trouble pair of black boots. The appearance became absolutely devoid of any personality that might presumably draw ladies in. (First, said ladies could get over Cernovich’s years-long history of sexism and rape denial.)
The newly minted critic went directly to tweet, “With style, you ought to ask—what response do I need?” A crimson floral-revealed blouse, chinos, and brown mules “softens my photo and makes me more approachable,” quoth the person who once wrote, “Misogyny Gets You Laid.”

The present-day Carrie Bradshaw nobody asked for but we would all deserve repeated usually in his column that heterosexual guys need to get dressed boldly. “The biggest fashion mistake directly men make is being afraid of colors,” Cernovich wrote. “They blend in preference to stand out. I always stand out.”
One shot confirmed Cernovich kicking back at an out of doors eating place, with a mug of beer and a plaid button-up Donald Trump, Jr. May gravitate in the direction of.
“Most men are invisible dressing like they may be in Maoist China,” Cernovich mused. The solution? “Always put on styles/colors.”
The provocateur seems to fancy himself a negative guy’s Roger Stone, toting the Dirty Trickster’s greater-is-more fashion philosophy thru mid-priced brands. (Stone dresses in fits from Savile Row; Cernovich seems like he’s headed to an Olive Garden party.)
Cernovich rallies towards “cargo dorks” and men who put on flip flops. Despite his penchant for tight, geared up jeans, “shorts are allowed,” as long as they’re pastel-colored and hit just above the knee.

Cernovich advised The Daily Beast that he decided to play fashion blogger whilst he tweeted “Show me a person in cargo shorts and turn flops, and I’ll show you a man who isn’t critical approximately existence” in advance this month.
“It becomes just a joke, G-rated, however, I was given nasty, nasty emails from people,” he stated. “So OK, fuck most of these human beings, I’ll do a style thread because a fashion thread from me might be something that everyone would like to hate.”
But it wasn’t absolutely a joke. “A lot of people would get a few desirable hints from it, too,” he said. “I’m by no means being absolutely serious [on Twitter], however, so I think I without a doubt appearance properly in the one’s images? Yeah, as a matter of fact, I do. That kind of self-self assurance triggers human beings.”
Both style and information sites have lampooned Cernovich’s thread. Esquire’s Jonathan Evans wrote, “Conspiracy Ghoul Mike Cernovich Doled Out Some Hilariously Bad Fashion Advice on Twitter,” and Splinter’s Sophie Weiner known as his recommendations “deeply cursed.”

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