High schoolers choose out ideal dress, accessories thanks to “Prom Project”

“The exhilaration has been overwhelming,” Ashley Weitzel said.

“People are excited. They’re getting exquisite dresses. They’re so enthusiastic about being able to take that home with them,” Weitzel endured.

Organizers say they may be grateful for all donors, groups, and schools that made the occasion a fulfillment.

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“I awoke my daddy because I turned into so nervous,” Tariah said. “I thought we changed into the gonna die.”

A firefighter ended up rescuing each of them from a 2nd-story window.

“If it wasn’t for her waking up, I ought to been long past,” Troy Henderson stated.

“She saved my existence.”

They were both handled at the scene for minor smoke inhalation.

The cause of the fireplace remains beneath research.
“I was given sad for a bit, but I determined that I become both going to be sad about it for the relaxation of my life, or I turned into going to make the high-quality of it,” Gillis stated. “That’s the type of wherein I am now. I’ve been taking each possibility that I can.”

One of Gillis’ largest cheerleaders is his exceptional friend, Jake Adler, who doctors credit with saving his life the night of the crash.

Gillis and Adler have begun their own fitness brand, referred to as Redflex, intending to create products that will especially assist amputees workout.

They also desire to use the commercial enterprise as a platform to inform Gillis’ tale and inspire others.

“Whatever your aim is each day, anything your dreams are, don’t let something preserve you again,” Gillis stated. “Just make it manifest.”

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