Maximum of my lifestyle, I had too much hair. I had the type of hair that snaps the elastic band while you’re seeking to tie it up to get it out of the way due to the fact there’s a lot of it. I used to an appearance with fascination at folks that had ponytails on the scale of 5p portions. The concept of not having lots of hair turned unimaginable to me.

Ponytail: Feeble. Ponytail: Feeble. Ponytail: Feeble. And then, one day, I noticed that I didn’t have as a whole lot of hair as I used to. Age, pregnancies, menopause, and coloring had all taken their toll. I found this severely discombobulating. When you’re used to having a kind of thatch, any form of thinning scenario is quite surprising.

Paulette Hamilton

Beer fanatic. Incurable tv advocate. Food geek. Travel fan. Social media ninja. Web expert.Spent 2001-2008 selling velcro in Orlando, FL. Spent several years developing strategies for action figures in Pensacola, FL. Spent 2002-2008 implementing pogo sticks in Las Vegas, NV. A real dynamo when it comes to working on chess sets in Ohio. Have some experience managing cellos in the financial sector. Spent childhood supervising the production of squirt guns in the financial sector.

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