Instagram has a brand new preferred hair fashion – but we are critically now not sure about it

New developments can take some time to break out into the mainstream, particularly those that originate on Instagram.
Tiny shades, motorbike shorts, ugly runners – all matters we balked at when they first popped up that we’ve got on account that comes to love.
It’s for that reason that we’re reluctant to jot down off the uncommon haircut that we have been seeing on Insta of late.

The shag (this is in reality what it is referred to as) is the 70s and 80s conventional, first popularised via the likes of Jane Fonda and Stevie Nicks.
The Cut first drew our interest to the look, noting that stars like Natasha Lyonne at the moment are bringing it lower back.

Californian hair stylist Jane Matthews is likewise credited for the revival.
“Almost every person can put on bangs and layers in a few ways that are free and messy, as long as it’s balanced with their face shape, their hairline, and the shape of their body,” she said.

The shag fashion may appear alarming as it’s quite much the alternative of the lengthy, loose locks that plenty of women have proper now. The shag is often shorter and contains lots of layers and crucially, a shaggy fringe.
It’s planned, really not effortless and ballsy as hell.

Like, say you go to your hairdresser and ask for this. How do whether or not you’re going to come out searching like Sarah Hyland or like Rod Stewart?
It’s a volatile commercial enterprise, that is why you need to admire those courageous sufficient to head for it.
We reckon people with a few natural textures of their hair are first-rate appropriate to the shag, although straight-haired gals may want to cross for it if they are up for the commitment of using warm equipment and/ or plenty of product of their hair each day.
Would we get one?
Absolutely now not.
Well, for now at the least.

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