Katy Perry Removes Shoes From Her Fashion Line After Criticism That They Resemble Blackface

Katy Perry Removes Shoes From Her Fashion Line After Criticism That They Resemble Blackface 1

Another day, every other blackface controversy in the most unearthly Black History Month ever. This time, through pop superstar Katy Perry.

Blackface, for the strange, is the lifestyle of white people the use of make-up to darken their skin and exaggerate their lips and eyes to mock Black humans, with origins in slavery and segregation-era minstrel shows. (You can study it in detail right here.)

And this Black History Month, this shameful practice… maintains shooting up.

Seriously, what goes on in February in these 12 months of our Lord Two Thousand and Ten and Nine?!

If you went right into a pitch assembly and have been like, “So take a look at it. What if there’s a wild racist with KKK ties in the White House who won’t close up approximately building a wall to keep brown people out and then inside the midst of all that Black History Month comes, and it’s just each day of thoughts-blowing racist malarkey for 28 consecutive days (or 29 if it’s a solar year),” each person in that room could be like, “This is stupid and implausible. You’re awful at your activity cross domestic.”

And yet! Thus some distance this Black History Month, the class is BLACKFACE!

First the Governor of Virginia, then the Attorney General of Virginia, then the Lieutenant Governor of Mississippi, then a kingdom rep from Florida.

And then like Anne Hathaway’s cerulean sweater in The Devil Wears Prada, the fashion leaped a Gucci sweater before trickling all the way down to Katy Perry’s style line, with a pair of shoes that, allow be real, honestly ought to have raised alarm bells for SOMEONE in the hallowed halls of Katy Perry Wal-Mart Fashions Inc., because directly examine these things:

And as Katy has explained, they were meant to be “a nod to modern artwork and surrealism.” In a declaration, Perry and crew persevered:

“I became saddened while it changed into added to my interest that it changed into being in comparison to painful photographs reminiscent of blackface. Our aim is by no means to inflict any pain. We have right now eliminated them.”

Which is the right component to do and, according to TMZ, they did so with quickness, scrubbing the footwear from Wal-Mart and Dillard’s websites through an early afternoon at the very day the scandal broke out.

But that still doesn’t address the elephant in the room: HOW DID NOBODY NOTICE THE BLACKFACE LIKENESS IN THE FIRST PLACE??? In the entire TEAM of human beings, it took to layout, create and merchandise those shoes; NOBODY checked them out and become like, “I listen to you. However, that is a shi*typhoon.”

Katy Perry Removes Shoes From Her Fashion Line After Criticism That They Resemble Blackface 2

This is probably why on social media, human beings have been still pretty angry approximately those footwear lengthy after Perry apologized:

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