Makeover: TV’s Fred Lee receives a brand new appearance

Fred Lee is a TV phase host and weekly newspaper columnist and turned into equipped to replace his grown-out hairstyle.

Fred has very thick hair, which tends to go flat now and then. He hadn’t reduced it for numerous months and left it to develop out. He desperately needed a haircut and wasn’t sure what fashion could look nice on him.

During our session, I advised preserving some of the duration, as is it applicable to his face shape, and worked along with his hair texture.

I began with the aid of shampooing his hair using KMS Moist Repair — Shampoo and Conditioner and misted Moist Repair —ave in Conditioner onto his hair for extra moisture and to prepare his hair for slicing. I removed two to three inches from the duration and created a barely graduated form via the back. I then custom-designed his reduce to incorporate square layers through the returned for brought texture and point long cutting layers via the pinnacle of his hair for introduced texture, quantity, and fullness.

To style his hair, I used one pump of KMS Hair Play — Texture Cream in damp hair, after which blow-dried it far away from his face using a Denman brush and a Dyson Blowdryer.

Once dry, I added a bit greater texture cream and combed thru his hair with my hands to create a texture and cozy fashion.

To finish the look, I sprayed Hair Stay — Working Spray.

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