Meet Boys Lie: The Edgy Brand That Ariana Grande, Halsey and Noah Cyrus Can’t Get Enough Of

Meet Boys Lie: The Edgy Brand That Ariana Grande, Halsey and Noah Cyrus Can’t Get Enough Of 1

Pickin’ it up! Ariana Grande, Halsey, and Noah Cyrus have greater in not unusual than being gifted songstresses and It-ladies. While the three hit-makers have distinctive sounds in their music, they’ve each been through Hugh some no longer-so-non-public breakups and feature found comfort and confidence in the badass logo Boys Lie.

Meet Boys Lie: The Edgy Brand That Ariana Grande, Halsey and Noah Cyrus Can’t Get Enough Of 2

The line, founded by Tori Robinson and Leah O’Malley, consists of cool-girl picture hoodies, tees, beanies, and sweatpants in conjunction with wealthy-colored makeup, all intended to uplift their wearers via the tremendous and worst instances.

“Boys Lie a representation that we are all mastering to heal,” Robinson tells Stylish. “We wish anyone who’s sporting the brand, whether or not that be on their face, body, or both, feel the power. …We recognize what it’s like to feel, such as you’ve been driven down inside the dirt. We additionally recognize that the best component you may do in the one’s instances is to pick out yourself up, brush the dust off, and circulate ahead,” she provides.

“As cliché as it sounds, it’s so smooth to place hatred out to the arena, and social media can make it smooth to highlight our insecurities. While I understand the call Boys Lie probably interpreted as terrible, it’s honestly intended to be an expression of self-confidence that speaks to how Leah and I have both realized the manner we should be handled,” Robinson explains.

“Everyone has or will experience some heartbreak or complication in their lifestyles. The underlying message of our line is something that humans from all walks of lifestyle can relate to. …You are in no way in reality alone in the world. Whatever revel in you have got, properly or horrific, there is usually a person obtainable that has long gone through something comparable,” O’Malley dishes.

And whether you’re attracted to the What Are You Going to Do Without Him hoodie like Grande, the conventional Boys Lie sweats like Halsey, or the You’re Not Worthy sweatshirt like Cyrus, there’s a piece inside the series that speaks to everybody that’s looking for a chic and cheeky vanity raise.

Stylish sat down with Robinson and Malley to listen to the entire tale behind their brand, how a glam session can make any day higher and what’s subsequent for them (hint: it has to do with their ex-boyfriends). Scroll via to read their insights!

“Boys Lie officially have become a thing one very drunken night in a fire station in New York City,” Robinson admits. “Unfortunately and happily, leading up to this monumental under the influence of alcohol second, we both these days skilled dramatically distinctive damage ups,” she adds. “Leah and I were replacing the phrases ‘boys lie’ quite often. ..It turned into something shared between institution texts, Instagram captions, or even simply short telephone conversations. … That night time we realized we desired to bring Boys Lie to life,” she says. “After knowing every different for approximately a decade, Tori and I have visible each different thru the great and worst of instances. … In a twisted manner, heartbreak has become our muse. Everything we’ve been through stimulated us to take our ache and flip it into something lovely,” O’Malley explains.

“My non-public style is something my temper is, paired with self-assurance,” Robinson says. “It’s like while someone asks me my favorite color, a few days it’s neon yellow and some days it’s black,” the designer adds. “I experience being exclusive and wearing something that other humans might assume is peculiar. If a person thinks what I’m sporting is bizarre, I automatically think it’s cool,” O’Malley dishes. “Tori and I have never been afraid to be bold, horny, funky, and elegant. … Right now, we are both into secure road wear, and our man or woman patterns truly rub off on one another,” she says. “There were several instances wherein we come out of our rooms in the morning, and we’re sporting the same outfit and different instances we purposely healthy our outfits like we’re in 5th grade again,” she jokes.

“I’m loving that the ’60s and ’80s are being embodied in cutting-edge developments,” Robinson dishes. “I sense to love it best makes sense to bring matters complete circle, and it’s cool to observe each dressmaker put their very own spin on that.” Some of her favorites? “Not to be creepy. However, I test Pat McGrath’s Instagram 3 instances an afternoon because everything she touches turns to gold. Versace, Maison Margiela, the Blondes, Rodarte, and Dior are designers who give me lifestyles, and I loved the Twiggy lengthy lashes vibe that Dior tied into their remaining show… Critically genius!” she exclaimed. And consolation is key for O’Malley. “I’m into anything outsized as it allows for a sporty-elegant appearance… Jackets, t-shirts, sweatshirts, you call it, if it’s outsized, I love it!” she says. “With makeup, I am very enthusiastic about the formidable new looks that are trending right now. Everything has a prime pop of color, while nonetheless being minimalist.”

Robinson and O’Malley experience like their great selves while their clothes and beauty looks are on point, and they’re with human beings they love. “When I’m feeling my best, you’ll probably locate me rocking our outsized denim hoodie… Opens a New Window. And our SHE nude lipstick Opens a New Window. ” Robinson famous. “If I’m feeling bold, I’ll throw on our Boy; Bye highlighter Opens a New Window. And perhaps even a natural eyeshadow look with our signature Daydream palette Opens a New Window. . … When a horrific day comes round, I’m the primary individual to mention, ‘Let’s dress up, get ourselves together, and cross stay a little!'” As for O’Malley? “When I’m with my best pals, drinking a pitcher of wine, paying attention to music, and getting equipped for a night out, I experience my maximum assured. We are likely chatting about boys, my make-up looks exquisite, my outfit is on the hearth, and I am unapologetically myself.”

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