Photographer Captures ‘Alien Attack’ That Turns Out to Be a NASA Study

Photographer Captures ‘Alien Attack’ That Turns Out to Be a NASA Study 1

Earlier this month, NASA performed a examine in Norway that led to out-of-this-world night sky pix and which had photographers inside the area scratching their heads.Photographer Captures ‘Alien Attack’ That Turns Out to Be a NASA Study 2
As part of its ongoing AZURE task for studying auroras, NASA launched rockets from the Andøya Space Center on April fifth. The rockets launched vapors that shaped colorful synthetic clouds at between 71 and 150 miles above the Norwegian Sea. These clouds are monitored to degree auroral winds.
“The AZURE task is designed to make measurements of the atmospheric density and temperature with units at the rockets and deploying seen fuel tracers, trimethyl aluminum (TMA) and a barium/strontium mixture, which ionizes when uncovered to daylight,” NASA writes. “These mixtures, the use of materials just like the ones discovered in fireworks, created colorful clouds that permit researchers to music the go with the flow of neutral and charged debris with the auroral wind.”
People with a view of the clouds have been handled to an unusual and delightful display that night, however, the sight changed into baffling to individuals who weren’t aware of the NASA examine.
German astrophotographer Michael Theusner was traveling at the cruise ship MV Trollfjord in Norway’s Vestfjord and shooting time-lapse images when the release passed off.
“While we were watching the after-outcomes of a stunning northern lights display, the rockets have been released from the Andøya Space Center only about one hundred eighty km away to the north,” Theusner writes. “We noticed two orange dots rise into the sky and disappear. A short at the same time as later odd lighting and colorful, increasing clouds seemed I first did now not have a cause of. It appeared like an alien assault.”
Here’s the time-lapse video of the launch and clouds that Theusner took place to seize:

After doing an Internet seek, Theusner soon learned that the “alien assault” become NASA’s aurora studies.
Aurora photographer Chad Blakley of Lights Over Lapland managed to seize the clouds with a stay camera, and he couldn’t agree with his eyes either.
“I first noticed the lighting on our Aurora Web Cam which always captures the night sky above Abisko in Sweden, and couldn’t believe what I became seeing,” Blakley tells Forbes. “It becomes absolutely out of this world!”

Photographer Jason A became at the Alomar Observatory in Norway as part of the AZURE undertaking, so he did understand what he became seeing while he captured this stunning 7-2d time-lapse:
Just six months ago, SpaceX also dazzled night time sky photographers while it lit up the sky over the West Coast of the USA with its Falcon nine rocket. People who noticed that launch flooded social media questioning if they had been witnessing an alien invasion.

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