Photographer Captures Epic Bear Fight from Feet Away

Photographer Captures Epic Bear Fight from Feet Away 1

Nature photographer and manual Tero Pylkkanen became camping out in a hide in Kuhmo, Finland, while huge brown bears determined to begin brawling right in front of him. Pylkkanen controlled to capture this 3-minute video of the “fine endure fight ever.”Photographer Captures Epic Bear Fight from Feet Away 2

Pylkkanen says the primary undergo showed up approximately an hour after he started tenting out. An hour later, the second undergo confirmed up within the region, and the two bears started out sizing every other up for a fight. Two hours later, and four hours after Pylkkanen commenced tenting out, the brawl broke out.

“I became in the endure hide with my circle of relatives, and those bear were following each different perhaps multiple hours, and then thankfully they took action in front of our disguise,” Pylkkanen tells PetaPixel.

So it took 4 hours of a patient ready — the name of the game when it comes to flora and fauna photography — but Pylkkanen walked away with top-notch undergo combat photos that are worthy of the silver display screen.

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