Priyanka Chopra Wore Her Hair in a Bob For the Jonas Brothers’ New Music Video

Priyanka Chopra Wore Her Hair in a Bob For the Jonas Brothers’ New Music Video 1

Oh, did the Jonas Brothers launch a brand new single? I hadn’t heard. Just kidding — the “cover” shot of Joe, Nick, and Kevin for their new song “Sucker” has been the most shared photograph on my buddies’ Instagram Stories this beyond a week, and not merely because it marks a reunion six years within the making. The bros also are searching especially snazzy in 3 colorful clothing that looks like Lilly Pulitzer experimented with psychedelics. But in case you suppose they appearance first-rate, you need to see their substantial others inside the “Sucker” video.

Kevin’s wife of nine years, Danielle Jonas, Nick’s wife of three months, Priyanka Chopra, and Joe’s destiny spouse, Sophie Turner, are the proper stars of the “Sucker’ video. In addition to Chopra and Turner bringing their uninhibited acting competencies to the clip, which indicates the ladies are dwelling an almost cartoonishly lavish lifestyle at the same time as their guys do the entirety they can to please them, it’s the style and splendor seems that genuinely make the video such scrumptious eye sweet. And it’s specifically authentic of Chopra’s more than one hairstyle.,h_570,c_limit/priyanka%20chopra%20faux%20bob%20sucker.png

According to Ken O’Rourke — the equal stylist who did Chopra’s hair for the royal wedding the last yr — he gave the newlywed ten distinctive hair appears over 36 hours of shooting. However, the best seven truly made it into the video. First, we see her in a turquoise headscarf, with most effective the slightest bump of darkish hair peeking from the front. When Chopra is mowing the lawn in a pink ballgown — critically, you need to observe this video — her hair “became folded and pinned up to give the appearance of a bob.” It sprayed with Charles Worthington Texturising Spray earlier than being topped off with a top-notch silver headpiece.

Chopra’s hair changed into installed 3 special chignons: a small one crowned with a floral and bejeweled headpiece, a “big asymmetrical” one worn with a peacock-like fascinator, and a 3rd “held in region with a pin permitting clean removal,” which Chopra displayed on-camera, revealing hair that was softly curled with a two-inch curling iron.


Jonas Brothers fans hope this unmarried is the primary of many new songs from the band, and Chopra’s supporters are as hopeful that she and her beautiful hair appear in all the accompanying movies.

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