Sephora is selling a stationery-themed makeup line to be able to take you returned to your ’90s college days

Sephora and Moschino have teamed as much as creating a new beauty line so that it will bring you returned for your ’90s faculty days.
On April 25, the luxury fashion designer and famous beauty retailer will launch the modern-day Moschino x Sephora Collection collaboration. The new line totally resembles college resources, and turned into “created for the running lady,” in step with press launch despatched to INSIDER.
From a pc-inspired eye-shadow palette to a nail polish that looks as if Wite-Out, here is a take a look at the complete collection.

A complexion brush, cheek brush, shadow brush, crease brush, and angled-liner brush are covered inside the set.
The cope with each brush seems like a pencil tip, whilst the bristles are vibrant purple and reminiscent of an eraser.

This sponge set can be used even as moist or dry and is said to paintings fine with products like basis, bronzer, blush, and highlighter.

The eyeliner is stated to have a smooth go with the flow and skinny marker-like tip, which may be utilized by beginners and winged-eyeliner specialists alike.
The product is also said to be unfastened from “smudges, feathering, and jogging,” consistent with Sephora’s internet site.

Each lipstick in the set is stated to be rather pigmented and lengthy-lasting. The products also are stated to have a short-dry method that effects in a matte finish.
From left to right, the sunglasses are named Shift, Power, Command, Enter, and Escape.

The products can be used to create “shimmering accents, contours, and dynamic highlights,” in keeping with Sephora’s website. Each highlighter is also said to paintings at the cheeks, eyes, lips, and frame.

This mask is supposed to heal dryness and is infused with honey. And, according to Sephora’s website, it’s also stated to “depart skin perfectly hydrated and wholesome-searching.”
Find out more about the Sephora Collection x Moschino splendor line on Sephora’s internet site.

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