Forget About Stinky Foot Odor By Caring for Your Feet

Forget About Stinky Foot Odor By Caring for Your Feet 1

Forget About Stinky Foot Odor By Caring for Your Feet 2

Having smelly feet can be repulsive and embarrassing. Surprisingly, it’s prevalent than you may think. According to the 2012 National Foot Health Assessment survey, about 16% of adults have suffered foot odor at some point in life. Nonetheless, there are various remedies for stinky feet, and it’s critical to choose the right products.

How can you best care for your feet and avoid foot sweat?

Foot sweat can result in an unpleasant odor. But, if you suffer from smelly feet, you have no reason to fret. There are numerous ways to fix your issue. These include;

  • Soak, scrub and moisturize

Foot care is essential for alleviating punky foot odors. Soak your feet in warm water and scrub the dead skin. Moisturize using quality creams, and your feet will feel smoother. It helps deal with bacteria and other disease-causing organisms that can make your feet smell. But, be sure to dry your feet thoroughly to discourage the growth of bacteria.

  • Check your diet

Have a well-balanced diet and reduce the intake of animal fats. Incorporate lots of fruit and vegetables in all servings, and if possible, eat your vegetables raw. Moreover, take more meals in a day, but decrease your portion sizes. Set a regular exercise regime, and this will boost your overall health.

  • Choose high-quality footwear.

Wear breathable shoes made of high-quality fabric. Moreover, wear open shoes often and for pure cotton athletic socks. Avoid wearing your shoes and socks for two subsequent days; acquire enough pairs and keep alternating them.

Forget About Stinky Foot Odor By Caring for Your Feet 3

How can you pick the right foot products?

1. Know your skin type

There are different products in the market, and the trick is to understand your skin type. If you suffer from dry feet, go for products rich in shea butter and lactic acid. The ingredients are vital for hydration and will leave your feet smoother and radiant.

For sensitive foot skin, aloe vera, shea butter, and oatmeal work magic. They have excellent moisturizing properties and will leave your feet moisturized. For best results, use the Grans Remedy. It’s a foot powder that will refresh your feet and clean your shoes for a fresher smell.

 2. Product hype- Don’t fall for the trap!

Product hype is a trap that may fall for when shopping. Don’t consider the packaging or popularity of a product. Instead, think of the type of skin and the issues that you need to resolve. This way, it will be easier to pick the right products for your needs.

3. Check the order of constituents.

Know the primary ingredients, and pay attention to their placement on the ingredients list. Check the first five; they account for a more significant percentage of the product composition. In most cases, manufacturing companies list the product components in order of concentration, and your desired elements should top the list.

4. Do a patch test

A patch test helps determine whether you’re allergic to certain products. If the product irritates your skin, you may have to reconsider your options. Although the process can take some time, it will save you a lot of money and agony.

The bottom line

Caring for your feet helps prevent odors and foot infections. Choose the right products, shoes, and socks to relieve foul foot odors. If this doesn’t get rid of the smell, seek help from your doctor, you might be suffering from other infections that necessitate medical attention.

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