SUZZIE ODENIYI: I desired to be a police detective in Ireland

Suzzie Odeniyi, recognized with the logo name Suzzie D, is the CEO Luxury Model Management. In this interview with Omolara Akintoye, the Irish/Nigerian model supervisor well-known shows how she became able to triumph over racism in Ireland and the adjustments she is making within the industry. She also talks approximately her ardor, competing for Miss Nigeria Ireland, operating for Elite Model Look where she emerged as a semi-finalist, in addition to grooming young models.

AS a style entrepreneur, what organizations do you currently control?

My history is in style, beauty, and enterprise. I was handling models and splendor queens for about eight years now. Initially, I commenced in Ireland, where I grew up. I turned into born in Ibadan, but I moved to Dublin, Ireland, once I changed into five years vintage. I have been there all my life. My modeling organization is Suzzie D Model Management. I am additionally the owner of the Most Beautiful Girl in Ireland Beauty Pageant Competition and Most Beautiful Girl in the World Beauty Competition.

Every 12 months, we take global winners from all around the globe and we organize competitions in international locations like Dubai and Korea. I got here to Nigeria due to the fact my mum lives right here, and he or she kept on telling me I should come domestic and do something for my people. If you stated to me final yr that I can be in Nigeria this yr setting up this competition, I wouldn’t have believed due to the fact I am always in Europe, Korea, and Dubai. However, I needed to come to Nigeria to offer ladies the opportunity because I need to encourage them and allow them to realize that they could make it here in Nigeria; it isn’t always most effective approximately visiting overseas. If you have a selected plan and the method behind it, with the help of God, it may be viable. One of the strategies for this competition, which is Luxury Model Search, Nigeria, is to find a woman entrepreneur; someone with an entrepreneurship spirit. Looking at all of the first-rate fashions we have these days, aside from being models, the majority also are business-orientated. This is to provide the women with a platform to boost themselves. We are not, in particular, saying to you which you have to emerge as a model. Although modeling is part of it, after a year of doing modeling, you may determine to go into acting, and our job can be to guide you into that; that will help you, guide you, push you and give you the guidance you require. So, it’s miles open to loads of human beings. The motive I am doing this is to create opportunities for women and open the doorways for them to develop in lifestyles.

During my modeling years, I always knew I could have my enterprise inside the industry. This is my calling in existence, and I also have an eye fixed for spotting lovely and particular faces. I changed into also advised I turned into good at motivating humans.

But I am extra than just an agent, I am additionally a catwalk teach, teaching all fashions the way to deliver out their pleasant in the front of the digital camera and on the runway. This is carried out via building their confidence and empowering them with my enterprise know-how and revel in.

How are you capable of manipulating the numerous portfolios you currently manage?

When we get jobs, we get them booked earlier, and I have those who paintings for me there. I always screen what goes on. To manage all these things, you shouldn’t be in particular in one place. I can be in Canada and nevertheless be running my business right here in Nigeria. We have the net. So, for me, it’s now not tricky. If I need to be in an assembly I can’t attend physically; my consultant will move there and supply me the comments. We additionally Skype, this way they could see me and we can communicate. I can best be in one vicinity at one unique time, but it doesn’t, in reality, affect my work. If a customer desires to meet a woman, I can e-mail her and inform her in which she has to be at a particular time and the job is performed. So, the power of the net could be very crucial within the field.

What is it like being your very own boss?

The satisfactory issue approximately being your boss needs to be the electricity to create a trade inside the fashion and modeling enterprise. It’s something I surely cost in my work. I refuse to take no for an answer in whatever I do or what I agree with in.

What’s been your most beautiful moment on account that is putting in your organization?

Providing fashions for the most important exhibition in Ireland, which turned into held inside the RDS Simmonscourt, Woman’s World 2015, it boasted an audience of more than 37000 people over the three-day event. I have also been featured on Xpose as a fashion choice and changed into requested to make a contribution to an Online mag as a fashion and style columnist.

What changed into your background before putting in the enterprise?

I became a freelance version with over ten years of experience in each model and fashion enterprise. When I started modeling it changed into not possible to get signed with an enterprise. I notion there has been something incorrect with me then. I questioned why no agency would take me on, but this empowered me, and I took the initiative to paintings for myself and marketed myself as a contract professional.

A lot of human beings suppose modeling is secure and that everyone we do is stand in front of the camera and our picture gets taken. There is so much challenging work and willpower that cross into what we do.

I wanted a brand new profession path, and I was also running element time, saving each cent that I earned to start my business. I desired to start my enterprise with my tough-earned money in preference to going to the financial institution.

Were there instances you competed in any beauty competition?

I competed inside the Miss Nigeria Ireland, in which I got here because the pinnacle 5, and additionally competed in Elite Model Look Ireland, of which I turned into a semi-finalist. I become not the real winner, but this platform gave me the self-belief, and the enjoy in the back of that I needed.

Tell us a piece about your educational history and developing up

I moved out of Nigeria after I changed into five years vintage. I hail from Oluyole, Oyo State. My mum is a renowned flesh-presser for the time being. She went from a commercial enterprise to politics. My dad, Olu Odeniyi, is retired now but he still manages his very own oil corporation. My mother’s name is Aderonke Hassan. The maximum I learned changed into from my mom due to the fact my dad steadily becomes inside and outside of Ireland but I nonetheless learned a few business abilities from my dad. I went to number one college, secondary college and university in Ireland and I am nevertheless analyzing. I started studying style and enterprise. I am always traveling, coping with girls. I am a Nigerian through the root, even though I have lived there for 19 years. I am Irish, but I am more of a Nigerian than Irish. Nigeria is my root, and it’s miles always essential no longer to forget about your own home and still provide returned to society.

How long have you been within the enterprise, and what changed into your revel in like?

I was inside the enterprise for over 12 years now. In Ireland, it’s far tricky, in particular being a black female in the enterprise. Most groups are white-dominated, so after they see a black lady enter the marketplace, it’s far a threat to them. They will instead supply activity to one among their very own. Even though I am Irish, they may instead provide a process to one among their very own than offer me because they sense greater related to the different character due to the pores and skin color. So racism nonetheless exits, and it’s miles a part of life. However, I do like demanding situations, and I say to God make a manner for me wherein there appears to be no manner. I do no longer give up effortlessly as I push myself. My mother becomes pronouncing to me that if I had commenced a modeling enterprise right here in Nigeria, it would be adequately advanced than it is now. But due to the fact it is in Ireland, it’s a bit tough because of the politics of skin-coloration. I did not permit the politics over there stop me, and right here I am today.

What is the Luxury Model Search Nigeria all about?

The competition is in search of not just searching out beautiful women. However, ladies who we can go companion with due to the fact at the give up of the day, modeling, fashion, and splendor is a business, other than the glamour that incorporates it. If I talk to an ability version, in one minute, I can without problems realize if the man or woman can be a hit or no longer. I usually can tell via the manner they communicate and what is going up of their heads. If I ask a version, where do you see yourself in years? If she says she does no longer realize, I realize that she does no longer recognize. But if I ask every other model the identical question and he or she outlines what she wants to attain and how she can move approximately it. I merely recognize that she has entrepreneurship thoughts-set. So I am more interested in people with entrepreneurship spirit than just splendor.

What will the winners of the competition get?

The winner will get to signal a comprehensive modeling settlement with winner and me also receives 1,000,000 naira cash prize. The first runner up gets N500,000 and get signed to a worldwide modeling contract, at the same time as the second runner up gets N250,000 and get signed to modeling settlement as nicely.

What makes the Luxury Model Search Nigeria, a concept distinct from the different competition?

A splendor festival handiest concentrates on splendor and modeling. There are probably other things like help here and there but what differentiates us is that we are saying to you that you may use this platform to build or pursue whatever you need to grow to be. Do you need to improve to be a human right endorse, to use the platform to defend women’s rights or ladies empowerment; otherwise you want to open up your own company or in case you need to do something that is modeling-associated, we are right here to guide you? This gives humans a platform; it is particular. It isn’t always something you spot every day due to the fact, not each person is blessed with an entrepreneurship mindset. It is something this is given to you via God, and this is why it’s far unique. The pageant may be a yearly affair. But the procedure is on for seven months, and the final will hold in August. The age bracket for the contestants can be between 18 years and 25years.

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