Wait — Is This Wimbledon Or London Fashion Week?

Wait -- Is This Wimbledon Or London Fashion Week? 1

I’ll admit, I’m not, in reality, a ‘sport’ individual.

But (and please correct me if I’m incorrect) I truely idea the tennis was about, ahem… tennis.

It seems I’ve been sorely flawed.Wait -- Is This Wimbledon Or London Fashion Week? 2

When Ukranian Elina Svitolina hit the court docket on Day One of this 12 months’ Wimbledon to take on Aussie Daria Gavrilova, it wasn’t her win that had all of us talking.
FYI, 7-5, 6-zero turned into the final rating. If you care about that kind of factor. Which, reputedly, the world form of doesn’t due to the fact people had been too involved with how rattling primary her dress was.

Um… excuse me?

Just to get the #statistics out there: after Svitolina smashed out her immediately-sets win, a fan tweeted that her prevailing look becomes “basic” and that Nike had put in “minimum effort” to developing the threads.
But, greater importantly, what the actual heck goes on?! Are we here to play tennis or are we here to make a style announcement?!

I like the style. I don’t, especially like tennis. But even I can see that the priorities of fans discussing Svitolina’s appearance here are a piece out of whack. Yeah, there’s the usual equality argument that no-one’s shaming the boys for easy looks, and yep, that’s all authentic, and all of it truely sucks, but what I’d like to recognize is how critics assume Svitolina (or any sportsperson) to play in anything extra complex than what she had on.

A ball robe might be going to preclude her recreation, and ground-duration bell sleeves might look sort of adorable, but they’d stuff up her serve for certain. The lady’s gotta pass, right?
Plus, as the sports superstar talked about when she hit again on the Twitter drag, there may be a pleat inside the lower back that also lets in for additional mobility — and it’s so on-fashion.
Pleats had been taking place in a prime way, so if this sensible little nod to #farshun doesn’t satisfy the haters, what is going to? Maybe a smattering of sequins should’ve delivered a few pizazz with out adverse her recreation… Oh, did we point out she worked hard, performed tough and won, so who cares if her dress sparkled?!
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