Beard it like Abhinandan: The gunslinger moustache trend that signifies heroism


His bravado apart, Indian Air Force (IAF) pilot Abhinandan Vardaman’s stylized beard — a mix of a thin mutton chop beard, a classic gunslinger, or a Franz Josef — has come to be the communicate of the town. It may not be too long earlier than it will become a fashion amongst people, say professionals.

Reminiscent of a beard sported using big-name Rajinikanth in “Petta” or Suriya in “Singam,” Abhinandan’s well-groomed facial hair fashion may be the following massive component for men who’ve drawn from shapes sported.

After the give-up of the nail-biting drama over his return, Twitterati has eventually got a hazard to mull over his unique mustache.

For generations altogether, Army and Air Force personnel had been precise approximately flaunting a well-groomed mustache or beard, part of their sub-sub culture.

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